Lake Como Events


Lake Como Events - La nostra Rete

A network of excellences

MICE facilities and prestigious hotels unfold following the geography of the most beautiful lake in Italy. Along the lake’s shores you will find event venues, picturesque villages and unique gardens, so beautiful that they seem to be specially designed to make your sojourn, leisure or business, simply unforgettable.


Your ideal partner on Lake Como.


From Como to the major Italian cities.

Milano 38
Torino 137
Genova 156
Bologna 229
Venezia 254
Firenze 283
Roma 515
Napoli 692

From Como to the major European cities

Berna 180
Lussemburgo 499
Parigi 612
Vienna 614
Praga 621
Bruxelles 662
Amsterdam 792
Berlino 811
Londra 928
Madrid 1198
Dublino 1386
Lisbona 1691
Mosca 2270
Lake Como Events - Il Terrirorio

Between history and nature

The shores of Lake Como appear to be “dotted” with villages that are immersed in the green landscape that surrounds them. The gracious villages and towns offer historical and traditional Italian architecture and art, with a high concentration of medieval churches and fortifications. The valleys and rural settlements on the shore heights reveal unique panoramas and are an ever ending flow of sensations. This is where you can find true emotion. To live and to share.